Innovative Systems and Products

Edge360 designs, develops, and manufactures intelligence-based situational awareness platforms, no matter the scale, with a focus on customer needs and total cost-effectiveness.


A rugged and nimble surveillance tool, Boomerang is a rapid re-deployable surveillance solution purpose-built to assist public safety personnel in the coverage of urban events and incidents, especially those of a traditionally chaotic and changing nature. Traditional surveillance configurations for major community and large sporting events face common challenges related to their dynamic nature, such as the erection of visual obstructions (tents, banners, balloons, vendors, etc.) which can limit viewing options and unpredictably alter security landscapes. Accounting for these common difficulties, our Boomerang system allows for quick and enhanced surveillance that adapts easily and quickly to altered environments, including large interior spaces such as exhibition halls or sport arenas. Additionally, Boomerang’s wireless technology innovations successfully mitigate the risk of added radio frequency noise, which is common in such situations and can create a difficult environment for a traditional video system’s responsiveness. Learn more about Boomerang here.


Edge360’s innovative data fusion appliance, Slingshot, integrates all available data from any database into a single interface that intuitively visualizes the intelligence to enable better decisions, faster. Slingshot’s seamless data integration provides organizations that have disparate, legacy, or difficult-to-access data repositories a quick and easy method for discovering and fusing data in one intuitive, easy-to-use application. It’s intuitive user interface provides users with the information they need, when they need it, enabling faster decision making and improving response time. Slingshot delivers users faster access to all available data enabling more robust intelligence gathering and more effective decisions in response to incidents. Learn more about Boomerang here.


The Catapult Edge Video Management System is a multi-tiered solution that offers in-camera recording, edge management, and map-based cloud interface. The CatapultCamera serves as the system’s recording device, and features a Mini-PC integrated into ruggedized camera housing equipped for local recording and cloud failover. This versatile recording device can produce multiple video profiles for both local and remote viewing and storage. The CatapultEdge appliance allows local users to manage multiple local cameras, regardless of their manufacturer. Both CatapultCamera and CatapultEdge interface with the third tier of the system, CatapultCloud, a robust cloud management and UI platform for Edge360 devices. This intuitive application provides a full featured, map-based interface and can manage multiple Edge360-enabled cameras and appliances. Together, the Catapult system allows users to record and intuitively manage multiple camera installations simultaneously, providing simplified peace of mind.

Providing end-to-end solutions that meet the complex safety and security requirements of our diverse clients.

Providing end-to-end solutions that meet the complex safety and security requirements of our diverse clients.

Integrating Solutions, Platforms & Technology

Edge360’s innovative approach to technology integration is built on the belief that our customer’s needs, not just technology, drive our comprehensive solutions.

Edge360 has developed strong partnerships with elite technology providers who strengthen our ability to meet our customers’ most challenging requirements. As a team, we and our partners offer solutions that can be rapidly developed, integrated, and deployed, while also retaining the flexibility and extensibility to meet emerging or changing requirements in the future.

Edge360’s integrated Situational Awareness Platform solutions are designed with the operator and consumer in mind and are driven by operational requirements supported by the best available technology. Our experienced team of intelligence and security professionals possesses extensive expertise in the design, implementation and deployment of Command and Control Dashboards, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Systems and comprehensive Situational Awareness technologies to ensure our clients' success.

Edge360 has delivered several successful, enterprise-level Situational Awareness Platforms to cities across the United States, including the City of Atlanta Police Department, the Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department and the Washington Metro Transit Authority (WMATA) in Washington, DC. Our tailored solutions are agile and scalable, suitable for any surveillance operational needs, large or small.

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   Helping clients manage challenges and execute day-to-day operations effectively and efficiently

Helping clients manage challenges and execute day-to-day operations effectively and efficiently

Human Solutions and Personalized Service

In addition to designing custom solutions, our team of industry leaders at Edge360 is equipped with the leadership skills, experience, and knowledge to help our clients execute their mission as well. Our knowledge of the challenges facing both operators and decision makers enables us to provide both the project management oversight and operational expertise to solve complex security management challenges and provide practical workflow solutions.

Edge360 believes that our client’s operational needs, not technology, should always drive the design and development of any solution, and that this approach requires a deep understanding of the technical and operational requirements facing our clients. We work throughout the entire lifecycle of projects –  including requirements analysis, design, implementation, and continuous operation –  to ensure shared success.

Let Edge360 help you solve your toughest problems and overcome your greatest challenges. Our team of industry veterans includes professionals with the following certifications: