Edge360's Rapidly Deployable Public Safety Cameras Help Atlanta PD Secure Beltline

Sept. 16, 2013

The Challenge

Snapshot taken from  WSB-TV 2 News Report

Snapshot taken from WSB-TV 2 News Report

In response to an increasing number of crime related events along Atlanta's popular eastern stretch of the Beltline, the City has implemented a series of decisive steps to help curb crime and protect Atlanta's citizens who utilize the path for running, biking and walking. Recently, the Atlanta Police Department has begun installing Edge360's Safe City Cameras along the Beltline, which feed directly into Atlanta's Video Integration Center and can be instantly monitored by police officers, helping to bring greater situational awareness and faster police response times to the area.

Criminals need to know that they’ll be on tape, we’ll find them, and they’ll be in jail.
— Lt. Jeff Baxter, Atlanta Beltline Path Force Commander, quoted by WSB-TV 2

In addition to real-time live streaming video, Atlanta Police officers are able to access historical camera images captured by Edge360's cameras if there is ever a need to access old surveillance for investigative purposes. The City is able to deploy the camera in less than an hour in any location and is able to view live images as soon as the cameras are powered up. The cameras deliver extremely high resolution images and utilize several communications platforms to ensure always-on connectivity and Edge360's cameras feature a flashing blue strobe that sits on top of the device, which serves as a deterrence to criminals, indicating that the area is under constant surveillance.

Safe City Strategy

The incorporation of camera feeds from the Beltline into the Video Integration Center is one piece of Atlanta's larger Safe City Strategy known as Operation Shield. The Atlanta Police Foundation describes Operation Shield below

"The Operation Shield Video Integration Center significantly increases the Atlanta Police Department’s coverage and situational awareness of what is happening on the streets of Atlanta.  Through the Video Integration Center (VIC), APD officers have the ability to monitor 24/7 video feeds of both public and private sector cameras using state-of-the-art “smart” analytical software, allowing for close coordination with Atlanta’s E911 center for a timely and efficient response to criminal and suspicious activities. The Operation Shield Video surveillance network also greatly enhances emergency preparedness by enabling police, fire, and emergency professionals to better assess, prepare, respond, and communicate before arriving on the scene of an incident.

The system is designed as an open platform allowing for the existing video surveillance cameras owned by private business partners such as the Georgia Aquarium ,GWCC, World of Coke, CNN Center, AmericasMart, State and federal assets such as TSA systems at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Fusion Centers, and the CDC to be integrated and monitored at one central location (VIC)."  

The integration of the Beltline cameras into the VIC is a further enhancement to Atlanta's Safe City strategy.

This system is unique in how quickly and easily it can be installed by one person and then moved later on in response to an incident. As soon as they are powered up they are live and are streaming video. We created these cameras to address the specific challenges facing the Beltline and they fit seamlessly into the Police Department’s other crime fighting initiatives.
— John Rezzonico,CEO, Edge360